Kaykab Ecology Museum
Completed 2012

The Kaykab Ecology Museum is a 60 m2  building with a barrel vault built entirely of compressed earth blocks. The museum  was designed to serve as a prototype for green buildings, it is built from soil collected from the site itself and a excavation site within a 1 km radius of the site. The building also demonstrates several passive solar techniques in building including building orientation, solar heat collection, over and a wind chimney. The building was commissioned by the Ramallah Friends School and is located in the Kaykab Botanical Garden and completed in 2012.

Al-Dyouk Women Center
Completed 2013

The women's center serves as a headquarter for several women-run cooperative, the building was commissioned by UNESCO and UN-WOmen in late 2012 and completed in early 2013. The  building is located in the village of Al-Dyouk where earth construction is the traditional building material. The center was built with manually pressed compressed earth blocks. The roofing system consists of barrel vaults and domes and the walls are a series of arches in order to expand the usable area of the floor plan. The building is 100 sqm with a meeting hall, office space, kitchen and restrooms

Moon House
Completed 2013

The building is a quad-dome 84 sqm private residence, built entirely of earth using the technique of earth-filled bags. The house uses many passive solar techniques for comfort. It incorporates natural ventilation technique through a aind-catching tower "Malqaf". The domed rooftop has operable openings at the top that allow for hot air to escape and be replaced by cool air from the Malqaf. The building filters gray water and uses it for irrigation of the surrounding garden, and uses local traditional tiles and locally made finishes

Al-Dyouk Restaurant
Completed 2014

This small restaurant serves the adjacent Dyouk Women Center as a restaurant and catering facilities. The building was commissioned by Ma'an Development Center in 2013. The restaurant is constructed using dry stone walls and compressed earth blocks produced on-site using a custom made compression machine. Since the space and budget were considerably small the interior spaces were designed to be utilized by the main needs of the restaurant: the kitchen, bathrooms and administrative space, while the seating area is in the outdoor garden space which works well for the dry and warm climates of the Jordan Valley winters (the high season of Jordan Valley tourism).

Bardala Women Center
Completed 2014

The 100 sqm compressed earth block building is located in the northern Jordan Valley and commissioned by UNESCO for the "Revitalizing Earth Architecture" project. The building was designed by ShamsArd Design Studio and constructed by UNESCO. The two 5 m high barrel roof of the building spans 6 m of space and connect in a cross vault where a wind chimney is incorporated.

Davis residence -unbuilt

This private residence in Jericho reintroduces many of the traditional building techniques and materials native to Jericho. The design prioritizes the creation of a climately comfortable living space for its inhabitants, while maximizing the interior living space using a grid of 60x 60 cm columns with arches to carry the barreled roof. The three -bedroom 120 sqm house is fitted with several passive solar solutions, a 4 m high ceiling, passive ventilation, and a cooling system that utilizes the stable temperature of the underground cistern. The house is also designed to recycle and reuse greywater for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

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